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Our services are the Pekom Services.

We deliver staffing solutions for your proffesional kitchen. From dishwashers to head chefs and everything in between. We provide a long term solution to your kitchen challenges.

Stress free dishwashing management. We don't only clean dishes, but we believe in a cleaner work environment. Our employees, with their expertise, will surprise you by simply leaving behind a sparkling clean kitchen.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services for:

● Events;
● Restaurants and Cafes;
● Catering Establishments;
● Educational Institutions;
● Offices.

We are ready to deal with whatever you throw at us, ranging from tableware, kitchen appliances, cups and plates to spoons, forks and knives.

Kitchen helpers, who are stressed out with mise en place or less kitchen staff? We are here for you! Our staff can help with all day to day kitchen challenges. We support your chefs, by exclusively working with professionals. All our professionals observe and practice all the hygienic protocols to execute their job.

Why us?

You request a quote or give us a call and we will arrange that someone comes to you at the right time.


We have enough staff to cover all peak moments, so we can assure you to fulfill all your requests.


We only use high quality detergents that are not harmful to the environment. We are an inclusive company that offer opportunities to all people.